Husker (Impeller type)   
  DM7R-M / DM7R-SM/2SM/M 
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Yamamoto Impeller Type Husker
Yamamoto Impeller type husker is very compact machine, which is designed for a small scale users. This husker is very unique design with an impeller instead of using traditional rubber rolls. This allows even relatively high moisture contents of paddy can be shelled out with high husking efficiency, regardless of any type of paddy, which was ever almost impossible for rubber roll type of huskers.

  • Compact design
  • Easy operation
  • Ready for operation due to built-in motor
  • High husking efficiency even high moisture contents of paddy
  • Easy and quick husking even small amount of paddy
  • Easy maintenance
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Model Name
Necessary Power
1 phase 100V/750W
1 phase 200V/750W
3 phase 200V/750W
Length (ft’ inch”)
6’ 1.25”
Width (ft’ inch”)
2’ 8.25”
Height (ft’ inch”)
3’ 7.875”
Net Weight (lbs)
Capacity (lbs/h)
396.8321 ~ 947.9877 (Short grain rice)
*Above specification and dimensions may change due to Yamamoto's continuous development program.
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