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To schedule appointments, demonstrations,
or for any questions you may have:
You may also contact any one of the VME officers and agents listed below:
Covering the World: 530-753-9750 24 hour voice mail
Davis, CA: President (CEO) 530-848-8634 G. Richard Yamagata PhD
Woodland, CA: Board Member 530-668-9864 John Laugenour
Davis, CA: Board Member (EO) 530-756-2324 Jerry Kaneko
Davis, CA and Book sites: 530-753-9750 Elisabeth Sherwin
Elk Grove and So. Sac., CA: 916-684-0632 Dan Tokunaga
Fresno, CA: Treasurer (CFO) 559-731-9397 Mike Lopez Jr.
Nevada, Placer & El Dorado Co, CA: 916-315-0569 David Casebeer
Sacramento, CA; Museum sites: 916-487-9602 Mike McCreary
Winters, Vacaville, CA: Dan Maynard

To contact Virtual Market Enterprises on the Net:
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Please contact G. Richard Yamagata, PhD (CEO) (530) 753-9750 or
Jerry Kaneko, PhD (EO) (530) 756-2324 with any complaints or other issues regarding our services or VME associates.

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