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A Reflux Column Still anyone can build!
190 proof alcohol -1st run

The secret is in the design complete distillation in one run.
Yield 1.5 liter/180 proof spirits for $3.00 from a 5 gal. run!

Package comes with:
Detailed plans and step by step instructions for building a
complete ALL COPPER reflux column still.

List of materials required and sources of availability.

Recipe for thin wort to get you started brewing immediately.
(Excellent fuel source for man or machine)

Complete instructions for operation of your
still in laymen terms anyone can follow.
If you can bake cookies, you can handle this.

Send your name, mailing address and $20 U.S.
Check or money order to:

Dodenhoff Enterprises
P.O Box 391
Yolo, CA 95697

Please allow 10 days for delivery in North America

Our E-mail address will be supplied to all customers
Any question for help will be answered by E-mail, fax, or snail mail
they will be answered!

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