Bob Bockwinkel
2005 Realtor of the Year &
2002 President
Yolo County Association of REALTORS ®
401 2nd Street
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 758-0720 Office
(530) 758-7389 Home
Hello! I'm Bob Bockwinkel, Real Estate Sales Associate for Lyon Realtors in Davis, California. I'd like the opportunity to become your realtor.

"The Activist Advantage"       

Whether I'm representing a client, heading up a food drive for the homeless, or registering new voters, I'm all action. You can expect the same level of dedication and enthusiasm for your purchase or sale of a home with me as I devote to the community. I also have the trust of my peers as I was 2002 President of the Yolo County Association of Realtors.(TM) Just ask me what I've accomplished by noon and the list will astonish you.
dotI have four attributes that make for a good realtor: strong ethics, attention to detail, devotion to community and emphasis on family.
dotI am a good listener. I enjoy matching clients with the home best suited to their wants, needs, finances and lifestyle.
dotI am experienced in the Davis market as well as surrounding areas.
dotI am an active leader and participant in charitable, political and community groups.
dotLyon is the biggest real estate company in the greater Sacramento area.

We offer a high level of service and professionalism to our clients. Please give me a call at (530) 758-0720 or send me e-mail at

e-mail Bob Bockwinkel for details about getting your property listed on the world wide web as a virtual tour at:
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Winter Snowman

My service will not leave you or your friends out in the cold.

Whenever you or anyone you know is planning to buy or sell a home, call me!

                  Bob Bockwinkel
P.S. Remember, whenever you see a "For Sale" sign on any property and are curious to know the asking price, call or e-mail me!.

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Number of homes for sale versus sold
Number of homes for sale versus sold.
Average Home Sold Price per SQFT
Average Home Sold Price per SQFT

Days on Market & Sold/List Price %
Days on Market & Sold/List Price %
Avg. Prices of For Sale and Sold Homes
Avg. Prices of For Sale and Sold Homes


Dear Bob,

What is happening with the real estate market in Davis?

Dear Interested:

The Davis real estate market is relatively stable compared to the surrounding areas because the market has been driven by parents of students looking to invest in property for their college age children. There are few buildable lots in Davis because of the strong demand for housing. This is due in part because of the increase of students and faculty at the University of California at Davis. The prices of homes in Davis have decreased between 10 and 30% over the last two years and 10 to 20% in the last 12 months.

Other surrounding areas have been harder hit. Davis has long been a desirable location because of the University and local elementary, junior high and high schools have some of the highest test scores in California. It's hard to forecast how the market will perform in the next year, but there will be less erosion of prices compared to the greater Sacramento Region. Last year, homes sold between 96 and 98% of asking price when re-adjusted to reflect market values. Being a college town, the number of houses available increase in spring and summer due to graduation and the school calendar.

It is important for buyers and sellers to understand what they can expect. Davis has experienced far fewer short sales and foreclosures compared to other cities in the surrounding area.

Please give me a call at (530) 219-1896 or e-mail me at "" and I'll be happy to assist you if you are buying or selling property in Davisor surrounding areas.

Thanks, Bob

Sold in 3 days

Sold in Three Days!

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