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Don't get caught in the woods
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Picture of Townsend's ultimate portable bathroom.

It's a toilet. It's a shower. But best of all it's only 12 pounds and completely transportable!
Whether you camp, hunt, fish, hike or boat, the Townsend Portable Bathroom provides the optimum privacy and convenience. Packaged as a complete unit, the Townsend Portable Bathroom gives you immediate access to a bathroom or shower wherever you decide to set up camp.

Each Townsend Portable Bathroom includes:

  • 45" x 45" x 80" enclosure
  • Poles, rope and stakes for securing the unit
  • Shower head, tubing, 12 volt pump and 5 gallon bucket
  • Adapter to plug pump into cigarette lighter or battery pack
  • Five gallon toilet bucket and lid

Picture showing that Townsend portable bathroom when packed is the size of a sleeping bag. Complete unit and convenient carry pouch weighs just 12 pounds!

+$15 shipping/handling

Townsend's ultimate portable bathroom!

Sets up in 5 minutes or less

Super size (45" wide and deep, 80" tall)

Closes for complete privacy, with two screened windows for ventilation

12 volt water system delivers 14 pounds of pressure for showering, cleaning game, etc.

Cord to hang towels; Loop in top for light; built-in pouch for shampoo & toiletries

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