Mystery Reviews:
Robert Greer's

Reviewed by Pat Canterbury
Colorado Pathologist,

Robert Greer's second novel, THE DEVIL'S RED NICKEL brings those of us old enough to remember playing our parents 45 and 78 R & B records, a vaguely remembered magically time and a sense of history, misplaced. Greer's protagonist, C. J. Floyd, bail bondsman, is hired by Clothlide Polk, a beautiful young woman with possibly more to hide than she is willing to admit, to find out who murdered her father, Daddy Do Wop Polk.

Before too long, the reader finds out that almost everyone who'd met Daddy Do Wop Polk, in Chicago or Colorado wanted to kill him. He was killed in a very inventive manner. One that makes you think when you sit in front of the television set watching commercials which encourage the usage of non prescription medicine. All of C. J.'s old loves and friends are back more fully developed, more intriguing, more like people you want to know. Greer has captured C. J.'s voice and gives a glimpse of Colorado for those of us in the Far West who have to travel East to find "real" cowboys.

Also for those of us who grew up in the West, Red nickels is not a familiar term of our youth. The Devil's Red Nickel is a good fast story, with lots of nostalgia thrown in as good back ground music.

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