Mystery Reviews:
Grace F. Edwards'

Reviewed by Pat Canterbury

Grace Edwards' first Mali Anderson Mystery is out. It's the story of Mali, her nephew, Alvin, who Mali is raising after the accidental death of his parents while they were vacationing in Europe. Of her jazz teaching, bass playing father, Jeffrey. Of her best friend, Deborah, and of Mali's lover, Tad Honeywell, a homicide detective, with possibly something to hide. Of Mali's fight to reclaim her "good name" in the New York Police Department, while she completes her Ph.D., in Social Work. It's the story of power, greed, drugs, brothers real and want-to-be's, Johnnie and Erskin, Morris and Clarence; of partners Danny Williams and Tad Honeywell; and of a modern glimpse of 1990's Harlem.

Ms. Edwards takes the reader on a foot guided tour of the Harlem of both the 1930's and the 1990's. She describes the jazz clubs, crack apartments, neighborhood streets and beauty parlors with equal ease. IF I SHOULD DIE is a good read and Ms. Edwards takes her place next to Terris McMahon Grimes, Barbara Neeley, and Eleanor Taylor Bland in describing a no nonsense black female amateur detective. Ms. Edwards is currently working on the second Mali Anderson adventure.

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