PIZZA DAY (Davis Virtual Market) 1/97

The Future of PIZZA Day

Pizza Day on the Net IS HERE, Wednesday, February 5.

Also be sure to look for free pizza details for this event on the Pizza menu Pages.

Pizza ordering and delivery begins daily at 11 AM for lunch and will continue on past dinner until 10PM on Pizza Day and everyday. You will receive a phone call to verify your order. Pre-orders are welcome. LAMPPOST PIZZA, The PIZZA GUYs -- home of the Superb Pizza, and Steve's Place Pizza are currently committed to service the Pizza Days for Winter Quarter 1997 on the first Wednesday of each month. The next one will be January 8, 1997. Come back and visit this page each month for news of the next Pizza Day.

LAMPPOST LAMPPOST PIZZA delivers to addresses West of F Street in the City of Davis. Campus and Dorm orders are very welcome! LAMPPOST continues its Special Internet Offer -- $5 OFF on any large or extra-large pizza on Pizza Day, February 5 from 11AM to 10PM; walk-in, take-out, or delivery! On any other day you can order on the Web and LAMPPOST offers $2 off any extra-large and $1 off of any medium or large pizza if you mention you this Special Internet Offer from 11AM to 10PM; walk-in, take-out, or delivery!

STEVES Steve's Pizza believes in investing in the community and participates in school script programs, providing 8% back to local schools as donations. For more information, please call Cathy Wilkinson @756-4317.

SUPERB PIZZA The Pizza Guys delivers a superb value, everyday to all of Davis and Woodland. You can order a pizza for pick-up or delivery any day of the week through this webpage order form! This is part of the DVM-DCN Use of Forms sponsored project.

To resolve problems / questions or order via email instead of using the forms, Send email to or send e-mail to

You can also call us at (916)758-1504 or (916)753-9750 for assistance.

The Davis Virtual Market