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Historical Notes from Clive

"I am from the famous seaport of Bristol in England. My main home is in a small village called Pill (old English for a 'stream' or 'creek' where it meets the sea or a river). Pill is famous for its pilots - known as hobblers - who have guided ships up the river Avon to Bristol for over six centuries. Bristol is actually about four miles inland from the sea, while Pill is right on the waters edge and has a small harbour. I'll get you a picture of the harbour. [We are still waiting]

"Another note. John Cabot sailed from Bristol and discovered Newfoundland. Several of the Pilgrim Fathers' ships sailed from Bristol and Pill. We have a memorial stone donated by decendants of those who sailed on the ships from Pill, shipped from the US. About 400 decendants visited for the dedication of the stone a few years ago. I'll get you a picture of the memorial stone." [We are still waiting]

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