Dr. Clive Parker

Clive Parker established himself as the technical editor of ST Format's ST ANSWERS section from April 1992 (pre-publication, January 1992) until December 1995 . This is the source of Clive's medical appellation. If Clive could not tell you how to get your Atari ST running efficiently, it just could not be done. He now is a Net physician of significant repute, and as a result he is now a regular columnist for the Times -- Dr. Smith move to the side. We currently have 4 members of the Clive Parker fan club with PhDs. If we can find a fifth, Clive will be sent an honorary PhD (never mind that we are all biologists)

That Clive Parker was brought to ST Format from the NEW COMPUTER EXPRESS, while Mark Higham was the editor of ST Format is very significant. Mark is one of the finest editors in the consumer electronic publishing industry today, and Mark was able to assemble a staff that made ST Format the world's most widely circulated ST magazine in the World. Clive Parker as Technical Editor had a lot to do with ST Format's success. I have to say that Ed Ricketts as Games Editor, Chris Lloyd as Disk Editor, and Paula Richards as Production Editor were part of the Mark Higham "ST Format Dream Team."

If you think that lightening in the consumer electronic industry does not strike twice in the same place, you can follow the career of Clive Parker and see that is not true. Clive is now the Technical Editor of .net The Internet Magazine. Forklore says that this magazine was envisioned in Clive's fertile mind and was the second of such ideas that took root at Future Publishing; the first being PC ANSWERS magazine and the third being SFX magazine.

Getting back to .net Magazine, Clive Parker was the Technical Editor for the launch of this magazine. He was part of the .net "Dream Team." If any of you have read my opinion of Richard Longhurst, you will have already been made aware of the calibar of writing this man produced for ST Format. With Richard as Editor-in-chief, Ed Ricketts as Features Editor, and the award winning Jacquie Spanton as Art Editor, it was been exclaimed, "We are Great again!" And let us not forget, that Clive's fans believe he has a lot to do with that "greatness." Ed Ricketts may have since departed, but Clive still remains one of the three main reasons that .net is the world's finest magazine in the world about the Net -- it has the accolades and the awards to prove this.

Lastly, if there is one person that is responsible for my volunteering 30-40 hours per month to help community networking fourish on the Net in Davis, CA -- it is Clive Parker. Clive is the one person that sparked my interest in the Net on that fateful day in October 1994, when he sent to me a copy of issue #0 of .net the Internet Magazine. If my participation in the Davis Community Network and Davis Virtual Market leads to great things -- it is Clive Parker that was the inspiration for it all. -- G.Richard Yamagata PhD

The Changing Moods of Clive Parker

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