The California Endowment

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Our vision is healthy lives for the people of California facilitated through the availability of quality health care for everyone, a healthy start for children, and healthy communities.

Our Mission is to reach this vision of a healthy California through two primary paths. The first path has a personal health emphasis; to expand access to affordable, quality health care for under-served individuals and communitites. The second path has a public health emphasis; to improve the overall health status of the people of California.

Our Values become evident in how we conduct business and interact with others. We want to be held accountable for our values and subsequent actions when dealing with individuals, communities, and organizations.

Interaction with the staff of The California Endowment should reflect a code of intergrity and mutual respect; a belief in the importance of collaboration and cooperation; a commitment to innovation and creativity; and a focus on measuring and demonstrating impact.

Board of Directors

J. Kendall Anderson
Contra Costa County
Richard S.. Atlas
Los Angeles County
Leroy T Barnes, Jr.
San Francisco County
Hallie Ann Beacham, M.D.
San Francisco County
Maria Contreras-Sweet
Los Angeles County
Molly Joel Coye, M.D., M.P.H.
Santa Clara County
James Allen Crouch, M.P.H.
Sacramento County
Leobardo Felipe Estrada, Ph.D.
Lox Angeles County
Herman E. Gallegos
San Mateo County
Marilyn Hamilton
Fresno County
Sherry M. Hirota
Alameda County
Stewart Kwoh, Esq.
Los Angeles County
Sister Ruth Marie Nickerson, C.S.C.
Fresno County
Vincent H. Okamoto, Exq.
Los Angeles County
Frederick R. Ruiz
Fresno County
Michael D. Stephens
Orange County
Harold M. Williams
Los Angeles County
Laura S. Wiltz, Ph.D.
Los Angeles County

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